genus c5, orientable
Schläfli formula c{8,3}
V / F / E c 64 / 24 / 96
notesreplete singular
vertex, face multiplicity c1, 1
Petrie polygons
16, each with 12 edges
rotational symmetry group192 elements.
full symmetry group384 elements.
its presentation c< r, s, t | t2, s‑3, (sr)2, (st)2, (rt)2, r8, r2sr‑2s‑1rs‑1r‑1sr‑2sr2  >
C&D number cR5.1′
The statistics marked c are from the published work of Professor Marston Conder.

Relations to other Regular Maps

Its dual is S5:{3,8}.

It is a 2-fold cover of the Dyck map.

List of regular maps in orientable genus 5.

Underlying Graph

Its skeleton is F064A.


This regular map features in Jarke J. van Wijk's movie Symmetric Tiling of Closed Surfaces: Visualization of Regular Maps, 0:35 seconds from the start. It is shown as a "wireframe diagram", on cube. The wireframe is arranged as the skeleton of the cube.

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