Regular Maps

Index to the diagrams of regular maps

Ten infinite series of regular maps.
Two lists of interesting regular maps:   Hurwitz,   singular (up to genus 11).

Our definition of "regular map", and the logic behind it
A glossary of terms used in these pages
"Sewing instructions": how to interpret the pink bits of the diagrams
Symbols used in these pages
Numbers of regular maps of different genera Some relationships between pairs of regular maps
Some symmetric graphs and the regular maps that they can form     How to find regular maps
Hexads of regular maps Antipodes and regular maps
Petrie polygons, holes, etc. Regular maps and multiply-transitive groups
Constructing Cayley graphs from regular maps A regular map and the Fano plane
A gallery of the best regular map images Stellations of regular maps
Some named graphs which form regular maps FAQ about regular maps
"Maps", like regular maps but not necessarily regular The index to an obsolete version of these pages