Seventy-seventh KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday November 13th, 2011

These results also appear on an official KGS page.


format15-round Swiss
board size13×13
time9 minutes plus 10/30s


The first round started at 16:00 UTC.

Result table

pachi Erica stv Fuego gomor AyaMC Orego oakfo GoKno
W01T B18R W014R B15R W110R B14R W111R B12R W112R W19R B113R W17R B13R W16R 1312298Winner
2Erica13 B11T W08R B114R
B13R W09R B15R W112R B17R W011R W12R B115R W16R W14R B113R 1212593
3stv W05R B010R W03R B19R
W18R B014R B11R W113R B14R W011R B112R W115R B17R W12R 1012267
4Fuego13 W04R B011R W05R B012R B08R W114R
B09R W16R B110R B12R W11F B115R B13R 911445
5gomorra4 W02R B012R W07R B111R W01R B013R W19R
B03R B18R W110R W16R B15R W115R 911044
6AyaMC B09R W013R B02R W015R W04R B111R B06R W010R W13R
B11R B18R W112R W17R B114R 811941
7Orego12 B07R B06R W012R B015R W02R W08R B010R W01R
B15R W013R B114R B14R W19R 610116
8oakfoam W03R B04R W07R B01F W015R B06R W08R B012R W05R B113R W014R
W110R B111R 510212
9GoKnot B06R W013R B02R W03R W05R B015R B07R W014R W04R B09R B010R W011R

In the table above,
   0 is a loss
   1 is a win
   J is jigo
   left superscript is the player's colour
   right superscript is the round in which the game was played
   a subscript shows how the result was determined:
      R for resignation
      T for time
      F for forfeit
      a number for the points difference after counting.
All the 0s, 1s and Js are links to the game record.

The numbers in the table do not add up as you might expect. This is because they include points for byes.

Nine players entered.


At the start of round 1, pachi2 and oakfoam were missing. Pachi2 eventually joined its game with Erica13, but did not make a move, and lost on time.

In round 2, pachi2 played normally, and beat gomorra4. Oakfoam was still missing, but had a bye so this did not matter.

In round 3, oakfoam appeared, four minutes late, for its game with pachi2, which it lost. After this, all the players were present for all their games.

After seven rounds, Erica13 was in the lead, with seven wins. But in round 8 pachi2 beat Erica13, to share the lead with it (though Erica13 was ahead on SOS).

In round 8 Erica13 lost again, this time to stv, putting pachi2 into the lead.

AyaMC vs Fuego13
Moves 89-93

In round 10, Fuego13 played accurately against AyaMC, killing a group as shown to the right. After this sequence AyaMC resigned.

pachi2 vs Erica13
Move 64

In round 14, pachi2 played Erica13, and played move 64 as shown to the left. Erica13 responded in the obvious way, capturing the stone. This exchange is a clear and predictable net loss for White. I have often noticed that when a MC program is in a hopeless position, it will makes such moves, that are strongly sente but achieve a net loss. I guess it doesn't matter, when the game is hopeless anyway. But I became sure of the result of the game when I saw move 64.

After this game, pachi2 was still two points ahead of Erica13, and so would win the tournament unless pachi2 lost and Erica13 won in round 15. When pachi2 was assigned a bye for round 15, its victory in the tournament became certain.

Annual points

Players receive points for the 2011 Annual KGS Bot Championship as follows:


Details of processor numbers, power, etc.

Aya, running on 6 cores of an i980X 3.3GHz
Erica, running on an i7-950, 4 cores processor of 3.07 GHz.
Fuego, running on a cluster of 10x8-core. Cores are running at 3.00 GHz..
GoKnot, running on an unspecified platform.
Gomorra, running on an Infiniband cluster using Nx12cores (N is still unkown, probably 4 or 8). Cores are running at 2.67 Ghz.
Oakfoam, running on a quad-core Intel Xeon E5520 with hyperthreading (so 8 threads).
Orego, probably running on one of the five nodes of a custom Linux cluster built by PSSC Labs: the node has two AMD Six Core Dual Opteron 2427 2.2 GHz (12 cores total), 8 GB RAM, Centos Linux.
pachi, running on 64 platforms, each x86 64 bits, 32 GB ram, using 22 cores of each, giving about 1500 playouts/s/core at the beginning of a 19x19 game.
Steenvreter, running on an Intel Core2, Q6600 (12 threads @ 2.2 GHz)