genus c16, orientable
Schläfli formula c{18,6}
V / F / E c 18 / 6 / 54
notesreplete Chiral
vertex, face multiplicity c1, 6
Petrie polygons
6, each with 18 edges
rotational symmetry group108 elements.
full symmetry group108 elements.
its presentation c< r, s | (sr)2, s6, (sr‑2)2, r‑1s‑1rs3r‑4  >
C&D number cC16.1′
The statistics marked c are from the published work of Professor Marston Conder.

Relations to other Regular Maps

Its dual is C16.1.

It can be 5-split to give C88.1′.
It can be built by 2-splitting S7:{9,6}ch.

List of regular maps in orientable genus 16.

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