Links about Tartans

This page was written to accompany Nick Wedd's tartan-generating program.

A tartan is defined by its "sett" or "thread count" – a specification of the set of threads from which it is woven. Several web sites provide lists of tartan definitions, in a variety of formats. Some of these sites are listed below.

A possible use for an image of a tartan is as wallpaper, for the backgound of a web page such as this one. Here is a quick guide on how to use the progam to create such an image.

My tartan-drawing program can be run with any of several sets of tartan definitions. The first three listed contain much common material, and are probably derived from the same sources.

 Source of informationNo. of tartans
Run programRobert Bradford274
Run programT. Insel's Tartan for Java273
Run programby Jim McBeath & Joseph Shelby277
Run programthe Scottish Tartans Society2587
Run programMiscellaneous7

All of these versions also offer you the option of defining your own tartan. There are instructions for the use of the program.

Inclusion of a tartan in one of these sets of definitions does not guarantee its authenticity.

The following pages have useful information about tartans, or tartan-generating programs:

Databases of Tartans

Tartan-drawing Programs

General information about Tartans

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