Fifteenth KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday June 4th, 2006

These results also appear on official KGS pages: Formal Division, Open Division which link to the game records.


Formal division:
19x19 board
Chinese rules, komi 7½
18 minutes each absolute time
Open division:
19x19 board
Chinese rules, komi 7½
18 minutes each absolute time


Formal, six-round Swiss; Open, six-round Swiss.


The first round started at 08:00 GMT for the Formal and 08:10 for the Open division, subsequent rounds started at thirty-minute and at twenty-minute intervals for the two divisions.


As usual, the tournament was held in two divisions, Formal and Open, with more restrictive entry conditions for the Formal division.

Formal Division   19x19


Open Division   19x19


The "real" names of the bots listed above, and of their programmers, are listed here: programs which have registered for KGS Computer Go Tournaments.

Formal division

AyaBot and GoGNU (a version of GNU Go) each beat the other once, and both won all their games against viking5, and so tied for first place.

This was unfortunate for viking5, particularly as it might have won its round 3 game with AyaBot. Viking5 resigned as black, to move, in the position shown. Even a very weak human player, as Black, would try J12 to see what happens; in fact this kills the surrounding group and wins the game.

Open division

GoGNU (a version of GNU Go) won all its games by more than 200 points, winning the division.

WeakBot50k normally behaves well at the game end. But in its round 6 game against Fomalhaut, when both players passed in the position shown, it claimed that the large central white group was dead. This group has 28 solid eyes, a new record for these events; previously the most eyes in a group asserted by its opponent to be dead was 26.

I learned later that WeakBot50k had behaved correctly. The problem was that Fomalhaut has declared its own 28-eyed group to be dead.

Forfeited game

The following "forfeited game" record is available by clicking on it:

Other game records are available from the KGS pages: Formal Division. Open Division.