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How to Enter a KGS Computer Go Tournament

This page summarises how to enter a Go-playing program, or 'bot', for a Computer Go Tournament on KGS.

  1. Read the rules that apply to KGS Computer Go Tournaments.
  2. Write a program that plays Go.
  3. Download a copy of kgsGtp from the CGoban 3 Download page – look for the "GTP Client (for Computer Go Programmers Only)" section – and study the kgsGtp documentation that comes with it.
  4. Use kgsGtp to connect your program to KGS.
  5. Read the list of open KGS tournaments, choose one that is listed as a KGS Computer Go Tournament, and read its rules to check that it is suitable for your bot.
  6. Set the kgsGtp configuration file for tournament play, with time settings, board size, etc., set for the tournament you are to enter.
  7. Send an email to the organiser, with the words "KGS Tournament Registration" in the title, stating: at least thirty minutes before the tournament is due to start.
  8. Edit your bot's info on KGS, to include a statement of what syatem it is running on, including the numbers of cores and threads it is using.
  9. Ensure that your bot is connected to KGS at least two minutes before the tournament is due to start.

Note that quoted times may be in UTC/GMT. Whatever they are, remember to convert them for your own time zone.