A Quick Guide to generating Tartan Wallpaper

This page explains how to use Nick Wedd's tartan-generating program to create an image suitable for use as "wallpaper", as a tiled background to web pages such as this one.

  1. Run the program.

  2. From the select box, select the tartan that you want. It should immediately display itself to the right.

  3. Set its "Darken" value to -2, and click on "Draw". The display of the tartan should become paler.

  4. Right-click on the displayed tartan. Your browser should now offer you an option of saving the image. Save it somewhere on your disk, call it, say, innes.png.

  5. In your web page, add the string     background="innes.png"     to the body tag, so that it looks like this:     <body [maybe some more stuff here] background="innes.png">    

For further information, read the program's help page.

There are links to more information about tartans here.