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The Skatordnung

(International Laws of Skat)


The Skatordnung (Laws of Skat) is a code of official rules internationally binding on Skat-players everywhere. It covers all the eventualities of a card game that has evolved over a long period of time to become the most popular and widespread throughout the German-speaking world. This new edition gathers every aspect of the game into a complete and self-contained system as never before, and ensures that the game of Skat can from now on be played throughout the world with complete uniformity.

As a living set of rules, however, it does not pretend to be rigidly dogmatic. For this reason the appropriate authorities will remain ready to allow whatever new insights might be gained from practical experience to influence future ideas about the game.

The Skat Laws provide a basis for all decisions that may need to be made in course of play. Strict compliance with its provisions will prevent disputes and disagreements that might occur.

The following unified rules and laws of Skat were established at the 27th German Skat Congress held on 22.11.1998 at Halle/Saale, and jointly subscribed to by the Deutsche SkatVerband (DSkV) and the International Skat-Players As-sociation e.V. (ISPA-World).

Das Deutsche Skatgericht Internationales Regelkomitee Altenburg, January 1999 International Skat-Players Association (ISPA-World) Berlin, January 1999