90th BSkA tournament German YMCA 16/11/13

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90th BSkA tournament German YMCA 16/11/13

Post by Mike Tobias » Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:03 pm

The 3rd Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 16 players to the Lancaster Hall Hotel, including Michael Wachowiak and Heike Weicher from Denmark, along with 3 others who each played one session. Organiser Mike Tobias didn't play which left 15 players as 5 tables of 3 playing 18 boards in sessions 1 and 3. John McLeod joined us for session 2, so 4 tables of 4 played 20 boards, and for the final session, Martin Dachsel couldn't stay, but Udo Bauer and Noel Leaver joined, and 4 tables of 4 played 16 boards.

This was Maria Gragert's final tournament before leaving the UK, but we hope she'll visit us in the future. She provided a delicious homebaked banana cake, but sadly was not among the winners.

Prizes were awarded for the first 4 places, with Andy Mawhinney also winning a prize for best diff (508 session 1) and Alban Forster taking the wooden spoon.

Special mention should go to Patrick Phair for his session 1 score of 1134, which we think is our highest 18 board score.

Hand details, thanks to Patrick Phair

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