52nd BSkA tournament. Young Chelsea 25/10/2009

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52nd BSkA tournament. Young Chelsea 25/10/2009

Post by Mike Tobias » Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:54 pm

The 8th Young Chelsea Skat Tournament

The eighth Young Chelsea Skat Tournament was held on Sunday October 25th 2009. Unlike our other tournaments, this was non-synchron, the hands were dealt at the tables.

There were 21 people for the first session. Patrick Phair turned up for the second session and a 4 player table was added, the organiser Mike Tobias dropped out in session 4.

24 boards were played in session 1, and 18 in the rest, with the 4 player table playing 24 in sessions 2 and 3.

There were 7 prizes:

Highest total points. Uwe Greiner 2631
Highest net wins, Uwe Greiner 28
Highest session score. John McLeod 956 (from 18 boards, beating Uwe's 1164 from 24 boards in session 1)
Highest net wins for one session, John McLeod 9
Hand won against the most matadors. John McLeod (without 10)
Highest winning hand score. Jackie Damant 168
Most enemy games defeated. Joe Elleson 17

As no-one was to take away more than 2 prizes, Oliver Pogrzeba's 2nd place score of 2594 stood out as the most deserving, and he took the last prize.

Wooden spoonists were Martin Procter with the lowest score and Niamh Kenney with fewest net wins. Their consolation is that the biggest contributor to Martin's score was a grand Hand with 4 schneider announced which went off; had it won he would have earned the highest hand award, and Niamh was in clear second place in the enemy defeats section, only 1 behind Joe.

John's 'without 10' is detailed here.

Final scores

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