48th BSkA tournament. Westbourne Terrace 19/4/2009

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48th BSkA tournament. Westbourne Terrace 19/4/2009

Post by Mike Tobias » Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:33 am

The 1st Westbourne Terrace Synchron-Skat Tournament

We once more welcomed a group of players from Denmark to a Duplikat Skat event, on Sunday April 19th 2009. This was held in Noel's flat, because we were unable to find any other venue.

There were originally eighteen entrants, not counting the organiser Chris Beesley, so we played as six tables of three, with 18 boards in each session. After three sessions, Patrick Cherlet had to leave, so Chris took his place to make up the numbers. Despite the awkwardness of playing in three rooms on two floors, having a playing organiser, and having only six sets of boards over six tables, everything went reasonably smoothly.

The winner was Michael Wachowiak.

Hand records, thanks to Patrick Phair.

The winners received prizes of malt whisky, wine, and chocolates. The last-placed player also received a special prize.

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