24th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 1/7/2006

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24th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 1/7/2006

Postby Mike Tobias » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:30 am

The 16th Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament

The sixteenth Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Saturday July 1st 2006.

There were initially ten entrants, including the organiser, John McLeod. We welcomed Stanisław Suchy, a newcomer to these events.

We played twenty-one hands, as three tables of three, in each session. For the first three sessions, John did not play. After the third session, The Parlett brothers left, Beate Schmolinski arrived, and John joined in the play to make up the numbers.

The winner was Noel Leaver.

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