21st BSKa tournament. Rising Sun. 14/1/2006

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21st BSKa tournament. Rising Sun. 14/1/2006

Postby Mike Tobias » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:07 am

The 13th Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament

The thirteenth Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Saturday January 14th 2006.

There were eight entrants, not including the organiser, David Parlett.

We played four sessions each of twenty boards, with two tables of four in each session. During the fourth session, Jonathan Madden had to leave, and David Parlett took his place.

Jonathan Norris was the winner


Full results, as Excel spreadsheet, thanks to Patrick Phair

The winners received prizes of whisky, Baileys Irish Cream, and chocolates.
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