Feb 22 session 1, hand 11

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Feb 22 session 1, hand 11

Postby Patrick Phair » Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:17 pm

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Vorhand            Mittelhand         Hinterhand         Skat
J: C H             J: S D             J:                 J:     
C: K Q 9           C: 10              C: A 8 7           C:     
S: A 9 7           S: 10              S: K Q 8           S:     
H: Q               H: A K 9 8 7       H: 10              H:     
D: 9               D: K               D: A 8 7           D: 10 Q

All three seats declared at different tables, but only John made a contract. His was +20 in hearts as Mittelhand. The big gainers were Tom as Hinterhand and Alban as Vorhand, who defended while Vorhand and Hinterhand respectively went off.

Patrick Phair
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Re: Feb 22 session 1, hand 11

Postby John McLeod » Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:20 pm

It seems a fair result. From what I can see, in seat 2 Robin, Patrick and I all played sensibly, bidding up to 20 and then stopping. So I don't think I deserve much of a plus for making the same contract that Robin and Patrick would presumably have made if allowed.
John McLeod
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