Another hand from 16 November (2:18)

Discussion of hands from past BSkA tournaments (or other events) and how they were bid and played. Skat problems. General discussion of strategy and tactics.
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John McLeod
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Another hand from 16 November (2:18)

Post by John McLeod » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:06 pm

The one that interests me most is board 18, where I was Hinterhand. At all tables Hinterhand, looked at the skat and played hearts. The other three declarers made their contracts but I lost mine. At two tables H had to bid up to 23, since Vorhand can play spades, but it doesn't matter as Hinterhand is without three. I'm guessing that all H's discarded two diamonds as I did, leaving the hands as follows.

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Vorhand        Mittelhand      Hinterhand     Skat
J: C           J: S H          J: D           DQ,D8
C: --          C: Q 9 8 7      C: A 10 K
S: 10 Q 8 7    S: 9            S: A K
H: 10 Q        H: 9            H: A K 8 7
D: A 10 K      D: 9 7          D: --
At my table Vorhand began with the normal lead of a spade. I think I would have led the 7, but in fact the queen was led, which is equally good. M played the 9 and I won with the ace, because I was afraid that if I won with the king Vorhand would win the next trump trick and lead the S10 for his partner to ruff.
I led the DJ to trick 2. Vorhand won with her CJ and led her established S10 on which M threw the CQ. V continued with the DA which I trumped with my HA.
At this point my hand is K,8,7 of hearts and A,10,K of clubs and I have 36 points. Since there were four trumps still out, all bigger than mine, I decided to try to cash my clubs. V trumped my ace with her H10, after which I have no chance.
Since cashing the clubs only works for me if they split 2-2 I think that playing a trump at trick 5 would have been a better shot. If I do that, Mittelhand wins and probably leads a club, which Vorhand trumps. To defeat the contract Vorhand now has to lead a spade, allowing Mittelhand to get rid of a club. If she continues leading diamonds I can win by trumping the diamond and cashing my remaining clubs, since Vorhand has no more trumps.
Our table finished the session early and I was keen to see how other declarers fared with this hand, so I watched it played at another table, but the play was entirely different. The contract and the discard were the same, but Vorhand chose to begin with the ace of diamonds. Hinterhand naturally trumped with the HA and then (inexplicably) led the SA. He continued with the a small trump, won by Vorhand with the 10. Vorhand now decided to lead a small (!) spade, which Mittelhand trumped with a jack, presumably hoping that Hinterhand's 10 would fall? After that the contract was almost safe. (In fact the only way to defeat it is for Mittelhand to continue with a diamond.)
Can any of you remember how the play went at either of the other tables?

Patrick Phair
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Re: Another hand from 16 November (2:18)

Post by Patrick Phair » Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:05 am

Sorry -- I don't remember the hand. Looking at the records I see that there were four at the table and I was dealer.


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