82nd BSkA tournament Oxford 9/2/13

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82nd BSkA tournament Oxford 9/2/13

Post by Mike Tobias » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:10 pm

The 5th Kite Skat Tournament

The fifth Kite Skat tournament was held on Saturday February 9th, 2013. The organiser was Nick Wedd.

At the start of the day, there were twelve players as well as the organiser, so we played the first two rounds as four tables of three, playing 21 boards each session. After two rounds Simon Pitches left, so Nick Wedd joined in, and we played another session of 21 boards as four tables of three. After the third session, Robin, Beth and Noel all left, so we played a final 21-board session as three tables of three.

There were two or three errors in the scoring. This is a smaller number than usual, but these errors were all significant for the match-point results. There was also a mis-boxing of two packs into each others' boxes, which also changed the results. The consequences of all these is discussed in detail in Patrick's Excel spreadsheet of the hand records, which he has provided already.

The winner was Will Brooks

For the first three places there were prizes of whisky, red wine, and chocolates. There was also a "best session diff" prize of white win, won by Will Brooks (who also won the first prize).


Hand details, thanks to Patrick Phair

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