4th BSkA tournament MSO Loughborough 17/08/2002

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4th BSkA tournament MSO Loughborough 17/08/2002

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The 4th British Synchron-Skat Tournament

The fourth British Synchron-Skat Tournament was held as part of the 2002 Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO6), hosted by Mind Sports Worldwide on the campus of Loughborough University. It was on Saturday August 17th,

There were five entrants. So, to make the numbers up to six, enough for two tables and Synchron scoring, David Parlett, who was arbiter for the event, also played.

Four sessions, each of twelve hands, were played. The results are listed here

Although David won, as the aribiter rather than an entrant, he was not eligible for a prize. The next three players were all tied on four match-points. Therefore cumulative score differences were used as a tie-break, and the gold medal was awarded to Tomasz Wojtkun, the silver to Peter Henke, and the bronze to Jeffrey Burton.

Lady Mary Tovey, one of the Mind Sports directors, awarded the prizes.

Jeffrey deserves particular congratulations, as he had only learned the game the previous evening, when he had dropped out of a Poker event, and been taught the rules by John McLeod. Less than twenty-four hours elapsed between Jeffrey's first hearing the rules of skat, and his receiving the bronze medal.

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