Missed Grand Ouvert

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Missed Grand Ouvert

Postby Mike Tobias » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:25 am

Had this hand as Forehand playing online last week

H A,10,Q,7
D A,10,7

Saw it was an unbeatable Grand Hand, but completely missed the GO possibility until after the first trick. Sure enough, the red suits both split.

I had two GOs on the International Skat Server against computer opponents earlier in the year, but this would've been my first ever against real people.
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Re: Missed Grand Ouvert

Postby John McLeod » Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:36 pm

In my view this is definitely not worth a Grand Ouvert unless there is a some sort of special prize for it, because it is only around an evens chance that diamonds will split. I would be content to announce Schneider.
John McLeod
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Re: Missed Grand Ouvert

Postby Mike Tobias » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:15 pm

Viewed as a percentage play, you're right. A Grand Ouvert has to be a certainty (all but) to make it a correct bid. In fact, I WOULDN'T announce Schneider on that hand because if neither suit splits favourably, 2 tricks are lost, very likely containing 3 big ones.

But how many Grand Ouverts do you get in a lifetime? Including the one above, I've had four opportunities this year, none of them worth playing on a percentage basis.

C A,!0,K,8
S A,10,7
Needs spades to split, and not be trumped by hinterhand in clubs. The other Jack was in the Skat and the spades did split.

C A,10,K,8
H A,10,K,7
Just needed Jacks to split, which they did.

The above hand which would have won had I spotted it, and on Sunday between sessions:

C A,10,Q
H A,K,x,x
Probably only one chance in six, the H10 was in the Skat, but Roland had K,x,x in Clubs, so that one went off. I don't think I'd have played it in a tournament, but there was nothing riding on it, so why not?
Mike Tobias
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