41st BSkA tournament. Young Chelsea 12/7/2008

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41st BSkA tournament. Young Chelsea 12/7/2008

Post by Mike Tobias » Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:56 am

The 1st Young Chelsea Synchron-Skat Tournament

The first Young Chelsea Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Saturday July 12th 2008.

At the start there were 12 entrants, not counting the organiser, Mike Tobias, so we played 21 boards as four tables of three. After lunch we played another such session; then one with only 18 boards, so as to be able to finish sooner and let the staff of the Young Chelsea go home. (Another event had been planned in the building, which would have kept him occupied; but it had been cancelled, so he was only in the building because of us.) After the third session David Parlett went home, so Mike joined in to make up the numbers, and we played a final session of 18 boards.

Players commented on how good the venue was. It was quiet, it provided good food and drinks at modest prices, and above all, it was an environment designed for playing cards.

The winner was Clive Aveyard.

Hand details, thanks to Patrick Phair

The winners received prizes of malt whisky, Cognac, wine, and chocolates.

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