40th BSkA tournament. Powerhouse Club 1/6/2008

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40th BSkA tournament. Powerhouse Club 1/6/2008

Post by Mike Tobias » Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:25 am

The 2nd Powerhouse Sporting Club Synchron-Skat Tournament

A Synchron-Skat Tournament was held in the Powerhouse Sporting Club on Sunday June 1st 2008. For a change, we played Tournee Skat. We used Synchron scoring, but without the bonuses for contracts made and defeated.

The first session, before the lunch break, was a training session. For the three scored sessions, we played as five tables of three, with the organiser, Noel Leaver, playing to make up the numbers. 21 hands were played in the first of these sessions, and 15 in each of the others.

The winner was Uwe Greiner.

Hand details, thanks to Patrick Phair

The three winners received prizes of malt whisky, wine, and chocolates. There were also small prizes of chocolates for the highest score on a hand, and for the contract making against most matadors (with a minimum of five). No-one made a contract against five, so these two side prizes were awarded to Patrick Phair and Noel Leaver, for high scores on hands.

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