19th BSkA tournament. Rising Sun. 1/10/2005

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19th BSkA tournament. Rising Sun. 1/10/2005

Post by Mike Tobias » Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:35 pm

The 11th Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament
The eleventh Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Saturday October 1st 2005.

There were initially eighteen entrants. After one session, one of them had to leave, so the organiser Nick Wedd joined in to make up the numbers. After the second session, another left, but two newcomers arrived and played in the last two sessions. So there were eighteen players for each session, playing as six tables of three.

The first three sessions were each twenty-one boards, the fourth was eighteen boards.

Patrick Phair found that, as well as several small errors by the players, there was a large one by the organiser, Nick Wedd. He had entered Jonathan Norris's score for session three as 450 when it was clearly written as 922.

The other errors, made by the players, also had their effects, and below are the first four places, before and after error correction:

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Place	Original	        Corrected
1st	Bernard Forster	  Michael Wachowiak
2nd	David Parlett	    Jonathan Norris
3rd	Michael Wachowiak	David Parlett
4th	Patrick Cherlet	  Bernard Forster
The winners pictured here received prizes of wine, Laphroaig malt whisky, chocolates, and licorice allsorts.

Scores, before correction.
All hands, as downloadable spreadsheet, thanks to Patrick Phair.

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