12th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 16/10/2004

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12th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 16/10/2004

Post by Mike Tobias » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:34 pm

The 4th Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament

The fourth Rising Sun Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Saturday October 16th 2004.

There were eighteen entrants. For the first and fourth sessions there were five tables of four players, and twenty hands were played, with the help of the organisers. For the second and third sessions there were six tables of three players, and eighteen hands were played.

We welcomed four visitors from Denmark, who were more familiar with their own version of skat, but knew the German tournament rules used for this event.

Our four Danish visitors proved their skill (and the effectiveness of the Synchron scoring) by taking the first four places. Erik Hansen won a bottle of malt whisky, Michael Wachiowak a bottle of champagne, and Jørgen Lei a bottle of wine. Henning Dethlefsen, Beate Schmolinski, and Alan Trangmar won less valuable prizes.

Full results listed here

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