78th BSkA Tournament. Young Chelsea 21/10/12

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78th BSkA Tournament. Young Chelsea 21/10/12

Post by Mike Tobias » Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:56 pm

We welcomed 9 players to the Young Chelsea for our October tournament, including Mark Dunn, who had cried off the night before with a bad back, but cried on again in the morning despite having to travel to and from Coventry and play a tournament under the influence of painkillers.

The hands were dealt at the table and seating arranged so that we all played different people in each session. Sabine Barz had to leave after session three, and two others wanted to finish slightly earlier than usual, so we aimed for a 6.00pm finish and played three rounds of 18 hands (three tables of three) with a final session of 16 (two tables of four).

Organiser Mike Tobias was the overall winner but declined an award, so the first prize went to Chris Beesley, who not only finished second overall, but also had the highest session score, and Parick Phair took the next for third place overall. Minimum levels for other awards weren't reached, so the remaining prizes went to Mark Dunn for most enemy defeats with Alan O'Connor taking the wooden spoon.

Prize Details in full:
Glory only: Mike Tobias 2266pts
First prize Chris Beesley 2129
Best Session: Chris Beesley 959
Second prize Patrick Phair 1928
Enemy defeats Mark Dunn 12
Wooden Spoon Alan O'Connor 1163

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