7th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 7/2/2004

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7th BSkA tournament Rising Sun 7/2/2004

Post by Mike Tobias » Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:06 pm

The 1st "Rising Sun" Synchron-Skat Tournament

A Synchron-Skat Tournament was held in the Rising Sun pub in London EC1 on Saturday February 7th.

There were fifteen entrants. One of these, Alison Cross, could not be there for the whole day, so some of her hands were played by the organisers.

Four sessions were played. The first two were each of fifteen hands (so as to be able to break for lunch at a suitable time), and the last two were each of eighteen hands. Results are listed here

Patrick Phair, Alison Cross (with John McLeod and Sally Prime), and Anett Jandke received prizes.

There was general agreement that The Rising Sun was a good venue, and it is likely that further Synchron Skat tournaments will be held there.

Some pictures of the event, taken by David Parlett, are available here.

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