6th BSkA tournament MSO Manchester 17/9/2003

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6th BSkA tournament MSO Manchester 17/9/2003

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The 6th British Synchron-Skat Tournament

The sixth British Synchron-Skat Tournament was held as part of the 2003 Mind Sports Olympiad 7, in Manchester. It was on Sunday August 17th.

There were initially six entrants. Four sessions, each of fifteen hands, were planned. After the first two sessions a seventh entrant joined, so the Tournament Director, John McLeod, also joined to make a possible number (eight and six are possible, seven is not). Two more sessions, each of sixteen hands, were played with the results listed here

Nick Wedd and Martin Jonas finished level on match points and according to the Mind Sports Olympiad rules, this was a tie for first place, so they split the £100 prize money, receiving £50 each. However Nick beat Martin on the cumulative score difference, used as a tie-breaker, so he received the gold medal and Martin the silver. Tomasz Wojtkun received the bronze.

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