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Oxford Skat Tournaments

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:31 pm
by nswedd
Two days ago The Holly Bush pub reopened, after being closed for six years. It appears a promising venue for future Oxford Skat Tournaments.

The Holly Bush is at the north-west corner of Osney Island, 500 yards walk from the railway station and 900 yards from the coach station. It has a large bar with tables suitable for three and for four players, and a somewhat smaller dining area. It has several real beers on draft. It has music, but not unpleasantly loud as it was in The Porterhouse when we last played Skat in Oxford. The manager (Nick West) encouraged my plan of holding a Skat tournament. It opens at 11:00; he would let the organisers in a little earlier to set things up. I have not yet been there while it was serving food, and have not found a copy of its menu.

I have set up a Doodle Poll at , and will go ahead with organising a Skat Tournament in The Holly Bush if we get at least one day with at least six people showing interest. I will also advertise the Doodle Poll to all those on the BSkA mailing list, and to a few others.

There is a little more about The Holly Bush at ... ey-island/