100 tournaments

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Patrick Phair
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100 tournaments

Post by Patrick Phair » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:23 pm

The tournament in January 2015 was the 100th for which scores exist on the BSkA website. Seven of these were part of Mind Sports events, so we shall reach another milestone near the end of the year. The other 93 have been played at 13 different venues, of which the Young Chelsea was the most frequent with 34.

During that time we have had 133 or 134 players, depending on whether or not Erik Hansen and Erik Jansen are the same person.

Of these 80 or 81 have played three times or fewer, including 50 or 51 who have played only once. The remaining 53 have played four or more times, and 31 of them have played ten or more. The top ten (here I am counting attendances, some of which are by a non-playing organiser) are:

Mike 86, John 80, Nick 78, Chris 75, Patrick P 75, Beate 63, Noel 51, Jonathan N 34, Patrick C 32, David 31.

The 100 tournaments comprise 87 standard Synchron events, one Synchron Tournee and 12 non-Synchron. There have been 31 different winners.


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