Oxford tournament Sat Feb 9th

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Mike Tobias
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Oxford tournament Sat Feb 9th

Post by Mike Tobias » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:56 am

The next Oxford tournament will be at the Kite on Saturday Feb 9th

More details nearer the time

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Re: Oxford tournament Sat Feb 9th

Post by nswedd » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:42 pm

The British Skat Association will hold a formal event in The Kite, 68-69
Mill Street, Oxford (300 yards from the railway station), on Saturday
February 9th.

The premises will open at 11:00. Registration will be between 11:00
and 11:15. Play will start at 11:30, and will consist of 4 sessions of
duplikat Skat, ending about 19:00. Each session will take about 105
minutes, and there will be a break for lunch after the first session, and
shorter breaks between subsequent sessions. You are welcome to play
in any or all of the rounds, though you will have little chance of winning
a prize unless you play in all four.

"Duplikat" Skat means that the same hands are played at all the tables;
for the individual player, there is no difference from the way you would
play at home, except that you don't get to shuffle the cards. After each
session (of around 20 hands) your results are compared with those of the
other players who held the same cards at other tables, and used to
calculate your score.

The Kite will open for us at 11:00, and will be able to serve alcohol as well
as soft drinks and coffee. It always has at least three different real beers
on draft. It serves inexpensive and substantial meals at lunchtime.

We encourage players of <b>all</b> abilities, and aim for an enjoyable and
competitive day. After a session or two you should find yourself at a table
with other people whose level of play is similar to your own.

The entry fee for the full day is &pound;7.00. Or, you can enter individual
sessions, at £2 each. Prizes will be awarded to the winner and runners-up;
you are unlikely to win one of these unless you enter all four sessions.
There will also be a small prize for the best result for a single session
(the player's score minus the average score for players holding the same
hands), so that even a player who enters only one session has a chance to
win something.

Please tell the organiser, Nick Wedd, at least two days in advance if you
intend to play. Late entries can be accepted before 11:00 a.m. on the
day if you find yourself unexpectedly free. If you are on your way but are
delayed, ring or text giving your expected time of arrival. Contact details
nick@maproom.co.uk or phone 07890-998884. Please contact me with any

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