Session 4 hand 13 -- big hand as Vorhand

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Patrick Phair
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Session 4 hand 13 -- big hand as Vorhand

Post by Patrick Phair » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:44 pm

This is hand 13 of session 4 last Sunday.

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4/13   Vorhand     Mittelhand  Hinterhand  Skat
 J     CSH         -           -           D   
 C     -           TQ987       AK              
 S     AT8         KQ7         9               
 H     8           K           ATQ97           
 D     ATK         8           Q7          9   
Vorhand looks like a Grand Hand with good hopes of schneider, but not good enough to announce it. Both players (Martin and Alban) did that. But I was surprised to see that neither made schneider and the hand was flat at +120.

Assume Vorhand starts by playing a jack in case DJ is in play. Then Mittelhand needs to discard HK rather than D8, since otherwise declarer can make schneider by leading H8.

On the actual hand Vorhand does better to exchange, since making schwarz gives +144. Is that a reasonable line to take?

On this hand I also see that Martin had bid to 72. Who pushed him there?


John McLeod
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Re: Session 4 hand 13 -- big hand as Vorhand

Post by John McLeod » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:34 am

I wonder whether it is better for Vorhand to lead H8 or maybe S8 to the first trick rather than playing a trump? Maybe this improves the chance of making Schneider? Vorhand will still win the game however bad the distribution.

At our table Martin simply announced Grand Hand without waiting for any bidding. We could have insisted on going through the normal bidding process, which could in theory have allowed the other two players to pass information by their choice of bids, but we decided to allow Martin's spontaneous annoucement and recorded it as a bid of 72.

Mike Tobias
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Re: Session 4 hand 13 -- big hand as Vorhand

Post by Mike Tobias » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:56 pm

I also thought H8 lead gives a better chance of Schneider. I wouldn't lead S8 because I may need it to try and win a trick if H8 concedes 21pts.

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