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Session 3 last Sunday

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:54 pm
by Patrick Phair
I have now written up session 3 in which I was surprised to lose to Mike by six points despite not going off. It turns out that the result arose from just three hands: on five of the others we both declared for the same score and on the other seven we both defended against making contracts (not always the same).

The swings were:

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   V      M      H      S 
J: H      D      CS     - 
C: 8      K      ATQ97  - 
S: T8     AKQ7   8      - 
H: T9     AT9    8      7 
D: ATK8   7      9      Q 
We were Mittelhand. I stopped at 22, letting Beth play in clubs as Hinterhand for 36, while Mike held 36 and went off in spades for -88.

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   V      M      H      S 
J: S      CD     -      H 
C: A7     TK     98     Q 
S: -      Q97    ATK8   - 
H: TKQ9   -      A87    - 
D: TQ9    AK7    8      - 
We were Vorhand. Mike won the bidding at 18 and made +20 in hearts, but Beth bid 20 as Mittelhand and I passed (I could have held 20 but I would then have passed 22).

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   V      M      H      S 
J: H      S      CD     - 
C: Q8     AK97   T      - 
S: TQ7    K8     A      9 
H: KQ     -      AT98   7 
D: T8     AK9    Q7     - 
We were Mittelhand. Mike won the bidding at 20 and made +24 in clubs, but Beth bid 24 as Hinterhand and played hearts hand.

Re: Session 3 last Sunday

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:02 pm
by Mike Tobias
An example of why synchron doesn't necessarily even things out: you were arguably beaten by Beth rather than by me.

A brave Hearts Hand by Beth on the last hand; I don't know if I'd have bid 24, but if I had, I think I'd have picked up, and gone for Grand