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Discarding trump 10

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:36 am
by Mike Tobias
Our Feb 2011tournament threw up an interesting hand, with John McLeod rescuing himself from a terrible Skat by discarding the trump 10.

John held this hand in Forehand:
C A 9
S 10 K Q
H 10 7
D A 8

and after 2 passes, bid 18 and found HK-DK in the Skat. He discarded H10-S10 and named Hearts as trump

Full hands were then:-

Tr JH K 7
C A 9
D A K 8

Tr JC JS A 8
C 8
S 9 8
D 10 9 7

Tr JD Q 9
C 10 K Q 7
S A 7

Skat H10-S10

The play went:-

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1  H7-HA-DJ        20-13    Pretending to be drawing trumps normally 
2  C10-CA-C8       41-13    Defender hoping his partner will ruff the A,10
3  HJ-SJ-HQ        41-20    Continuing to "draw trumps"
4  S8-SA-SQ        41-34
5  CK-C9-D10       41-48
6  CQ-HK-S9        48-48    MH Deciding not to waste CJ overtrumping 
7  DA-D7-DQ        62-48
Game won, rest of tricks conceded.

Re: Discarding trump 10

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:25 pm
by John McLeod
I think RH was at fault here - I can't remember who it was. Leading the C10 must be a mistake. It gains in two cases:
1. if MH is void in clubs AND FH has put the 9 and 8 of clubs in the skat, keeping the ace alone
2. if MH has the ace and FH has kept just one small club
but both of these seem much less likely than the actual position where FH just wins the ace and MH follows.
If MH is void and FH has kept one or two clubs along with the ace, then RH may as well lead the CK first. If FH plays the ace, MH can ruff and RH should make a trick with the 10 later. If FH plays low on the king, MH discards a 10 and RH can lead the C10 next for a ruff.