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Grand with a long weak suit

PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:10 pm
by Patrick Phair
On two consecutive hands in session 2 the declarers held similar hands after picking up the skat:

Hand 10
J: C S H
C: 7
S: 9
H: 10 Q 9 8
D: A 10 8

Hand 11
J: C S H
C: A 9 8
S: 10 7
D: 10 Q 9 7

Both are safe suit contracts or possible Grands. Declarer is not on lead in either hand, and is not constrained in the choice of contract by the bid. Should declarer choose Grand on either hand?

(Only two declarers held the first of these hands, because SJ and HJ were in the skat and one player didn't bid.)


Re: Grand with a long weak suit

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:13 pm
by John McLeod
2/10 is a better Grand than 2/11 because of the stronger diamonds, though being in Mittelhand makes 2/10 a little difficult. What will you do if Vorhand leads a small club?
I think 2/11 is unsound because of the two club losers. In fact I played Grand on 2/11 and got away with it because Vorhand helpfully led a trump. If he makes the normal lead of the ace of hearts and the defence continue to attack hearts when they can, I am limited to 60 points. However, I eventually got my just deserts. My light-headedness caused by this success carried over into session 3 and on board 11 I encountered another hand, slightly weaker still:
J: C S H
C: Q 9
S: 9
H: A K
D: 10 K 9 8
I was the only person to try a Grand in Hinterhand with this, and I was defeated when the diamonds split 3-0.