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July 6 session 4 hand 12

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:01 am
by Patrick Phair
This is the last hand I played in today's tournament, and I think I got it wrong.

I was Hinterhand and held

J: C
C: Q
S: A
H: AT9
D: AK87

I was pushed to 27 (would you give up sooner?). Probably best at this stage is Diamonds hand, but I optimistically picked up the skat and found S9, DT. What would you do now?


Re: July 6 session 4 hand 12

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:47 pm
by Mike Tobias
Of course, I know what actually happened, but:

1. I definitely wouldn't have given up sooner, I think it's strong enough to play Diamonds Hand.

2. I'd have played Diamonds Hand up to 27.

3. I think I'd have bid on to Grand if necessary, because it has a chance even without anything special in the Skat: if all four big ones carry, you get 53pts, put the K and Q in the Skat and CJ sees you home.

4. With DT and S9 in the Skat, the choice is Grand or attempt Schneider in Diamonds. I usually go for the Grand, and it does look better than before the pick-up.

5. I think I'd discard DA,DT, rather than CQ,DT: again if the three big ones carry, it makes, and there's the fallback of DK carrying for 7pts and/or trumping the second round of Clubs.

I'd like to know what happened at the other table

Re: July 6 session 4 hand 12

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:58 pm
by John McLeod
In Grand I would definitely discard AT of diamonds. A 3-2 heart split is more likely than a 1-1 diamond split. [Edit: this is nonsense. A 1-1 diamond split is slightly more likely than a 2-2 heart split, so I ought to discard both red aces.] Since I had left before then, I don't know whether it works.
I think I would have bid to 27. Whether I play damonds hand or grand depends on who the opponents are and (as it's the last hand) how well I think I have done on the session so far.