March 29 session 3 hand 10

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John McLeod
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March 29 session 3 hand 10

Post by John McLeod » Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:32 pm

In session 3 hand 10 I won the bidding for 22 in Hinterhand and after taking the Skat held:
J: S D
C: A 10 9 8 7
S: 10 K Q 8
H: --
D: A
The Grand looked risky but I decided to play it anyway, and felt rather foolish when it went off. In fact the foolish thing was my discard - the 10-K of spades. I suppose I was hoping for an 'imaginative' defence which would allow me to set up my club suit. In fact the opponents chose the traditional lead of the ace of hearts, from Vorhand's longest and strongest suit, and I quickly lost trump control. Discarding both 10's works much better. In the actual deal, where the clubs break 1-1, trumping the ace of hearts and winning my two aces then gives me enough points to win. Perhaps this is what happened at the other table where Beth bid the Grand and made it.

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