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March 29 session 1 board 11

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:19 pm
by Patrick Phair
This was hand 11:

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Vorhand            Mittelhand         Hinterhand         Skat
J: C S             J: H               J: D               J:     
C: A K             C: Q 9 8           C:                 C: 10 7
S: A 10            S: 9               S: K Q 8 7         S:     
H: Q 9 8 7         H: 10 K            H: A               H:     
D:                 D: 10 Q 9          D: A K 8 7         D:    

I was Vorhand and planned to play the hand in hearts. I won the bidding at 23 and after picking up the skat changed to Grand, making schneider for 96. Michael was less fortunate, hearing a bid of 33 from Mike at Hinterhand. Is there a case for bidding on?


Re: March 29 session 1 board 11

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:04 pm
by Mike Tobias
It definitely should be bid to hearts hand. Interestingly, Grand seemed a better risk when I looked at the post, than when I dealt the hands out with real cards.

You probably need one more trick, and for the Jacks to split so you can catch a big Diamond. If the Jacks don't split, you need two more tricks. As it stands, with the Jacks splitting and C10 in the Skat, Grand hand makes.

Looking at my null ouvert in Hinterhand, a heart to MH, followed by a lead of S9 would have gotten it off.