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March 29 session 1 hands 17 and 18

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:15 pm
by Patrick Phair
On hands 17 and 18 Michael and I had different ideas about which trump suit to choose. On the first hand we were Hinterhand and won the bidding at 20, and on the second we were Mittelhand and won it at 18 or 20. After the exchanges we had

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Hand 17                              Hand 18
J: C                                 J: S                     
C: 10 8 7                            C: A K Q 7               
S: A 10 K Q                          S: Q 9 7                 
H: A K 7                             H: A 10 9                
D: K                                 D: Q          

Michael chose clubs the first time and spades the second, playing with four trumps. I chose spades the first time and clubs the second. All contracts made for no overall swing.

Re: March 29 session 1 hands 17 and 18

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:09 pm
by John McLeod
Kiebitz tells me that on hand 18 you win your club game against any defence if you discard the spade and diamond queens, while Michael's spade game should be defeated rather easily.
On hand 17 both choices lose narrowly to best defence but are a little tricky to defeat.
It's reasonable that the short trump choice works better on hand 17 than hand 18, since you have more 'big ones'. Playing in clubs, if you discard S10 and DK you will be almost home if they let you trump (for example) the DA with your trump 10.