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Feb 22 session 1 hand 26

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:21 pm
by Patrick Phair

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Vorhand            Mittelhand         Hinterhand         Skat
J: C H D           J:                 J: S               J:     
C: Q               C: A 10 K 8 7      C: 9               C:     
S: A 10            S: Q 9             S: K 8 7           S:     
H:                 H: A 8             H: 10 K 9 7        H: Q   
D: 10 K Q 9        D: 7               D: 8               D: A   
At all three tables Vorhand played Grand. I am surprised that I was the only Hinterhand to bid beyond 23, since Null Ouvert must have a very good chance. (The HQ in the skat replaces C9, leaving D8 as the only risk.) In fact I went all the way to 59 (which would have made), pushing Maxine into Grand Hand. With DA in the skat the defence to stop Schwarz is very difficult, but Alban managed to find it.