Jan 25th session 4 board 22

Discussion of hands from past BSkA tournaments (or other events) and how they were bid and played. Skat problems. General discussion of strategy and tactics.
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John McLeod
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Jan 25th session 4 board 22

Post by John McLeod » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:47 pm

At the last Kite tournament I did well in the first two sessions but badly in the last two. On board 22 of the last session, there was a different declarer at each table. Here are the cards:

Code: Select all

Vorhand       Mittelhand    Hinterhand     Skat
J: S D        J: C          J: H 
C: T K 9 8    C: A 7        C: Q  
S: --         S: A Q 7      S: T K 8       S: 9
H: 7          H: A K 8      H: Q 9         H: T
D: Q 9 7      D: K          D: A T 8
At table 1 I was Vorhand. Will in Mittelhand bid 18, I passed (fearing hearts and spades in the skat) and Patrick passed. Will took the skat, discarded C7 and DK and played spades, which makes. I led the CK which Will won with the ace. Will played trumps and when I regained the lead with the SJ I led a club which Will trumped and Patrick overtrumped. After the hand I thought that if Patrick had discarded a heart instead, hanging onto his trumps, we would have had a chance. But it doesn't work. Even if my second lead is a small club, we reach this position:

Code: Select all

J: --         J: --         J: H 
C: T 8        C: --         C: --  
S: --         S: A 7        S: K      
H: 7          H: A T K 8    H: Q
D: Q 9 7      D: --         D: A T 8
and it is Will's turn to lead. If he makes the mistake of leading another trump now he loses the rest of the tricks with Schneider. But all he has to do is play his hearts from the top and we cannot win more than two more tricks with Patrick's two trumps for a maximum of 45 points. This seems to be the correct result for this board but it was a very good score for Will and not a good one for me.

At table 3, Alan was Mittelhand and cautiously passed, maybe because he was not sure of getting a 5-card trump suit. Robin as Hinterhand bid a reckless 18 which Jonathan passed, leaving Robin to play an unmakeable spade contract and lose.

That was a bad result for me but not as bad as table 2, where Nick in Vorhand bought the contract for 18. I hope Nick, Andy or Beth can tell us more about what happened on this board. Either Andy passed in Mittelhand or Nick held Andy's 18, and Andy decided not to go on, which would be surprising given that Andy has no wish to play in diamonds. More surprising is what happened next. Nick found the dreaded spade and heart in the skat, played in clubs and somehow made it. I would like to know how he managed it - it seems to be practically hopeless. I think if I were playing this I would put the same cards back in the skat and try at some point to lure the opponents into holding up their ace of hearts to try to catch my 10. Even so Vorhand needs quite a bit of extra help from the opponents, leading aces and tens for Vohand to trump and somehow never managing to play their diamonds.

Mike Tobias
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Re: Jan 25th session 4 board 22

Post by Mike Tobias » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:34 am

I can see a case for MH bidding 18 and then passing: that may have been my bid. No five card suit, but prepared to play if no-one else bids. Secondly, the worst case scenario is two small Diamonds in the Skat, in which case I WOULD want to be able to play Diamonds

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