Jan 4th session 1 board 13

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Jan 4th session 1 board 13

Postby John McLeod » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:26 pm

Let's discuss session 1 board 13. I'm starting a new thread for this since I find it confusing to follow discussions of several different hands mixed together in a single thread.
MH wins the bidding at 18 or 20 and after picking up the skat holds:
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J: S H D
C: Q 8
S: Q 8 7
H: A K
D: 10 K
Patrick, Alan and I played spades. Alan and I won it and Patrick lost.
The first problem is what to discard. I threw my two clubs, on the grounds that I would then probably lose only three tricks. In fact I lost four tricks because the trumps are 4-1 but I still made the contract. It didn't require any particularly subtle play. So far as I remember, I trumped the opening club lead, drew trumps and then played diamonds. As the cards lie it is possible but not at all easy for the opponents to defeat the contract. I wonder what happened at the other tables, particularly the one where Patrick was defeated by Alban and Daniela.
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Re: Jan 4th session 1 board 13

Postby Patrick Phair » Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:41 pm

I'm afraid I don't remember what happened, particularly since the hand is so similar to board 9. (Both feature a 4-1 break in spades and an AK holding in hearts.)

I remember taking a disastrous finesse in hearts, but I suspect that was on board 9. Possibly I discarded diamonds, after which it appears that the 4-1 break is enough to defeat the bid.

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