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May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:26 pm
by nswedd
In our May event, session 1, hand 21, all four hinterhands won the bidding for 20 or 30, picked up the Skat, and held
J: C S
C: A 9
S: A 9 8 7
H: A T Q 9
D: —
All four declared grand, presumably discarding two small black cards. Three of them made it; one received the inspired lead of a diamond (from 8 7), and went off.

Ok, nothing remarkable so far. But in round 2, hand 21, the four hinterhands received exactly the same hand as in round 1, won the bidding for 24 or less, and picked up the same Skat (CA, S7). Two of them (who had not seen this hand before, having sat in a different seat in round 1) naturally declared Grand, and made it, with Schneider this time as the other two hands were different. The only player who received this hand on both rounds 1 and 2 naturally suspected that the entire deal had been accidentally copied, and his suspicion was confirmed when he picked up the identical Skat. He was the player who had received the diamond lead on round 1; and fearing the same outcome again, he preferred Spades as trumps, making Schneider for 44, compared to his unsuspecting rivals who were scoring 96.

So this player who received the same hand twice was doubly unlucky. In round 1, he failed in his contract thanks to an inspired lead. In round 2, his very reasonable suspicion that the entire deal was duplicated caused him to receive another bad score.

Re: May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:24 pm
by John McLeod
It seems to me that if you think the deal has been copied, you can declare Grand and make it, even against the diamond lead.

Re: May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:11 am
by Mike Tobias
I was one who received this hand in session 2, but Patrick, who'd gone off in session 1, had told me about it over lunch. I even commented when I picked my cards up that I'd heard about this hand, although I just assumed it was similar, rather than identical.

Re: May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:05 am
by John McLeod
I have looked at this again and I'm finding it hard to imagine how Patrick went off in hand 21 session 1, even against a diamond lead. You can make it difficult for yourself by trumping a zero-point diamond trick at the beginning (if middlehand plays the 9), but if you throw away one of your small black cards instead you are fine. Provided you don't trump a trick with no points in it, the simple-minded approach of drawing the trumps and then playing your aces and tens always seems to bring home enough points. For easy reference, the other hands were:

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Forehand      Middlehand
J  D          J  H
C  T K Q 7    C  8
S  T K Q      S  --	
H  --         H  K 8 7
D  8 7        D  A T K Q 9

Re: May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:33 am
by Mike Tobias
In forehand, it's a guaranteed winner with six tricks, as long as the HQ is discarded. In hinterhand, I think John's method works unless the Jacks are together and the diamonds are 6-1. A hand that shows the value of holding 7s,8s and 9s.

Re: May event, sessions 1 and 2, hand 21

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:15 pm
by Patrick Phair
Looking at the hand again I realise that I took my eye off the ball completely. I ruffed DA at trick 1, drew trumps and then attacked hearts. When they didn't break I established the queen by leading a third one, hoping to get in again with a black ace. A diamond had been discarded on one of my top hearts, so I was not expecting the defence to produce four more of them, and if the suit breaks better there is a good chance of Schneider.

In fact all I had to do was cash the two black aces and concede the rest.

Seat 1 was remarkably flat in the first session, with only 36 points between the first and last of four players. Given that I fell 316 points behind the field on that one hand that is surprising.

My subsequent mistake, not going Grand in session 2 because I had seen the hand, ended up costing nothing. Grand schneider was worth 52 more than Spades schneider and I finished 57 points behind Mike.