genus c1, orientable
Schläfli formula c{6,3}
V / F / E c 8 / 4 / 12
notesreplete is not a polyhedral map permutes its vertices evenly
vertex, face multiplicity c1, 2
Petrie polygons
6, each with 4 edges
rotational symmetry groupA4×C2, with 24 elements
full symmetry groupS4×C2, with 48 elements
C&D number cR1.t2-2′
The statistics marked c are from the published work of Professor Marston Conder.

Relations to other Regular Maps

Its dual is {3,6}(2,2).

Its Petrie dual is the cube.

It can be 3-fold covered to give {6,3}(0,4).

It can be built by 2-splitting the tetrahedron.

It can be rectified to give octahemioctahedron.

List of regular maps in orientable genus 1.

Underlying Graph

Its skeleton is cubic graph.

Cayley Graphs based in this Regular Map

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